"I have long argued that the giving of offence, and even hate speech, should be a moral matter but not a matter for the criminal law. That is as true on the football pitch as on the streets. We should always challenge racism. We should also always challenge attacks on liberties in the guise of faux antiracism." Kenan Malik

Charles Clarke Urges Jumping Ship…But It’s Already Sunk!

You’ve got to hand it to Norwich South MP Charles Clarke, he can smell the whiff of the decaying Labour corpse alright, but sadly he’s not able to admit that no matter how hard he scrubs, the stench is still all over his own hands.

Nobody has forgotten his part in the New Labour experiment that has seen public freedoms slowly eradicated and it’s Bush supporting full on ‘crusade’ to war.

His current attacks against Gordon Brown and urging for his replacement in order to win the next election are nothing short of a political desperation to save his own skin.

The Labour movement is dead and the Tories are still the Tories, the upper class swine who will continue aggressive Thatcherism as soon as they are elected to power next May.

There is no longer any representation of working-class people in Britain today (if indeed there ever was), and pretending otherwise is just politically motivated lip-service.

You may be oblivious to the truth of British politics Charlie boy, the rest of us aren’t.

And as for Labour needing to adopt the “killer instinct”….we’ve had enough of that thanks.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent dead in Iraq and Afghanistan and our own children being brought home in body bags.

At least have the decency and courage to go down with the Labour wreck quietly….

Meanwhile the rest of us will start to build a new political movement, one that puts real working-class politics in the hands of real working-class people….and Parliament can go to hell!

If ever people who are supposedly ‘represented’ by Mr.Clarke feel like sharing their opinions with him, which ofcourse we are entitled to do, he can be contacted by

1) Writing to Charles Clarke MP for Norwich South, Norwich Labour Party, St Marks Church Hall, Hall Road, Norwich, NR1 3HL or Charles Clarke MP, Constituency Mail, House of Commons, London, SW1A OAA

2) Phone the constituency office on 01603 219902

3) Fax the constituency office on 01603 764475

4) E-mail clarkec@parliament.uk

One response

  1. From Indymedia

    Charles Clarke and his dismal “Labour Future” project
    31.12.2009 12:02

    Dear members of Labour Future

    I have just read this article in the Independent:


    and then visited your website here:


    I understand that the Labour Party is currently in crisis and in need of some
    fresh ideas. The ideas which have come from your group so far, as listed in
    the article, and in the essays on the website, are certainly most uninspiring!

    Here some ideas off the top of my head:

    * Get out of Iraq now
    * Get out of Afghanistan now
    * Provide a clear commitment that the UK will never attack Iran
    * Restore the 10% tax rate
    * Stop the creeping privatisation hiding behind “foundation” hospitals and
    “academy” schools
    * Halt the proposed privatisation of Student Loans
    * Implement clear environmental energy policies (non nuclear)
    * Make the whole of the UK a GM-free zone
    * Ensure that only elected MPs can be Government ministers
    * Nationalise the rail network and drastically reduce rail fares
    * Free prescriptions
    * Free dental treatment
    * Free optical treatment
    * Free residential care for the elderly
    * No “user fees” on any public service – it’s high time to ignore the
    IMF/World Bank dogma and put people as a priority, Mr Clarke!
    * Renationalise water, gas and electricity
    * Scrap Trident and its successor now
    * Scrap ID cards and the ID database now

    These are all policies which can save the country billions and restore
    people’s trust in Labour by doing things that the people really want.

    For the sake of the party I hope you can get this resolved ASAP. I don’t want
    to live under Conservative rule ever again, but neither do I want the same
    Labour Party that was behind the disastrous war in Iraq and which kowtows to
    big business at every opportunity.

    If you can’t make the necessary changes, then it’s time to abandon all
    political parties and recreate parliament based on a system of only
    independent MPs. In that way the MPs will exclusively serve their
    constituents, rather than serving two masters, their party and their
    constituents, as it is at present.

    And why on earth create a website which merely contains wordy but worthless
    essays by members of your group? No pictures, no contact details, no
    contributions from people outside your party, no discussion forum, no
    possibility for interaction. Quite frankly, it’s dreadful, with nothing that
    will make any real difference at all to the lives of ordinary people…


    January 2, 2010 at 2:55 pm

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