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Pay Up Lakeside Country Club!

Man chains himself up in wages protest…

More chains available if workers at Lakeside aren’t ALL paid to the full amount they’re owed!

A 22-year-old disgruntled former worker chained himself to a radiator for three hours at a well known Norfolk country club in a protest over being owed almost £900 in unpaid wages.

Two police officers were called to the Lakeside club at Lyng, near Dereham, on Monday afternoon after James Brownley locked himself to the wall in the bar area with a steel chain and two padlocks.

At one point Mr Brownley – who worked at Lakeside until three weeks ago – was told the fire service could be called to cut him free and he may face arrest.

But at 6.40pm – about three hours after starting his protest – Mr Brownley unlocked the chain when he was promised lease holder Al Massie would meet him within seven days to discuss the issue.

The country club has been open for about 15 years and has a bowls centre and also function room and bars.

Mr Massie and business partner Daniel Alder – of Hertfordshire-based Kinda Magic – took over the lease earlier this year.

At the time they said they had plans for a wine bar and 10,000 sq ft multi gym at Lakeside and wanted to offer “city-style facilities for people in the countryside.”

The Times understands the complex has not served food for about six weeks after a previous chef left.

There are signs up in the bar area apologising for food not being available.

Mr Massie could not be contacted and manager Sheila Mant refused to comment to the EDP.

Mr Brownley, of Foulsham, said he had worked at the country club for about five months earning £6 an hour and left about three weeks ago and was still owed £895.

He claimed several other former staff members were also owed hundreds of pounds.

Mr Brownley said: “I am determined not to let this go and to get the money I am owed.”

Mr Brownley’s father Bob said: “He is making a good stand for what he believes in and it has been a peaceful protest.”

One of the police officers said: “I cannot comment apart from to say we attended purely to prevent a breach of the peace and ensure public safety,”


One response

  1. Dave

    Al Massie is a serial crook and fraudster and no one should consider doing business with him or have any affiliation with any ‘venture’ he may try to tempt you with.
    If you research his past he has a string of failed ventures to his name and should never be allowed to trade in any way again.
    He has cost me and many others dearly and I would urge you to heed my warning and steer well clear!

    October 18, 2011 at 1:01 pm

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