"I have long argued that the giving of offence, and even hate speech, should be a moral matter but not a matter for the criminal law. That is as true on the football pitch as on the streets. We should always challenge racism. We should also always challenge attacks on liberties in the guise of faux antiracism." Kenan Malik

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The story of Jock Plafreeman

by Anarchist Solidarity

It’s been three and a half years now since Jock Palfreeman has been imprisoned after saving the lives of two young Roma boys in Bulgaria!

In short Jock ran to the aid of the two boys when he was witness to a vicious and racist attack inflicted on them by around sixteen drunken football hooligans. Jock held them at bay for long enough for the two Roma boys to run away but the group turned on him. Jock was set upon and literally had to fight to save his own life. During the fight one of the group, Andrei Monov, was accidentally killed. Jock was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment and the equivelent of a £250,000 fine! (for the full story please go to http://www.freejock.com).

Support for Jock has now reached an international level.

Anarchists and Antifascists have started campaigns aound the globe including Australia, UK, Russia, Poland, France, Austria, Greece, and more… Strangely, Bulgaria is not in that list.

Suprised? So were we!

We went to the website of FAB (Bulgarian Anarchist Federation) to see if there was any mention of Jock. To our astonishment we found that not only had the FAB decided not to support Jock, they had decided to go out of thier way to publically condemn him! They claimed that Andrei Monov was thier friend and that Jock was a killer who deserved the maximum prison sentence!

(see the google translation below)

”Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria condemns any kind of street violence and joined grieving relatives and friends of the slain boy.
Prompt the authorities to fulfill their obligations to conduct a full investigation of the case and the guilty receive fair and appropriate punishment to his grave crime.
Andrei was also a friend and we share the grief of relatives and friends.
Rest in peace, Andrei!”


Not only did this make us rage to the core, it also made us question the FABs idea of Anarchy. Why on earth would people who call themselves Anarchists be in favour of a prison sentence for a man who had taken Antifascist action? And why did they so openly associate themselves with Monov when he had clearly been involved in a savage and outnumbered racist attack on two young Roma boys?

We got in touch with AF (Anarchist Federation UK), FABs sister organisation. We wanted to know if they knew what was going on in regards to the statement on FABs website and also where they stood in regards to supporting Jock.

They emailed us back to say that they would investigate. Infact that was all they said.

Months passed along with more emails from us and all they would say was that they were investigating. Eventually they just stopped replying and we realised that we were wasting our time.

However, a spokesperson for AF did contact a mutual friend and comrade who has also been campaigning for Jock. Firstly they wanted confirmation that AS were a trustworthy and genuine Anarchist group. They were given the confirmation they asked for, but then decided that the word of our comrade was not good enough (an insult to say the least) and rejected the verification.

AF then wrote again to our comrade stating that Jock was a soldier that had been involved in a drunken fight and had killed a friend of the FAB. They claimed that Monov was ”not a Nazi”. They also stated that the only people who claim that Monov was a nazi are the fascists themselves!…

So let us get this straight, (we’ll get to the soldier bit in a minute), Monov, who was out with at least fifteen other (known locally to be fascist) football fans, drunk, and invoved in such a savage racist attack on the two Roma boys, does not qualify as fascist in the opinion of AF or FAB?

The grieving friends of Monov who were at the funeral (alongside members of the Bulgarian government, cheif of police, judges and other ‘important and influental’ people) who are reffered to by the AF and FAB as Bulgarian fascists and the far right are falsely claiming that Monov was their friend?

We don’t get it!!

It beggs the question: What would FAB and AF have to say if it were one of the Roma boys who had been killed that night? Because as far as we can see that is exactly what would have happened if Jock had not run to thier aid.

Would FAB still claim that thier beloved Andrei Monov was thier friend if he had been involved in a savage racist attack resulting in the death of the victim?

We’d like to know! So if any FAB or AF would like to answer our questions feel free. (you’ve got our email address)

Now, the controversial claims about Jock ‘being a soldier’…

Firstly, lets get one thing clear, Jock has never claimed to be an Anarchist, Activist or Antifascist. He was a young lad travelling and making friends.

He decided to join the British Army towards the end of 2007, his visa was coming to an end and he saw it as an opportunity to stay in the UK. He completed four weeks training and then went on leave for christmas. He was on holiday in Bulgaria.

So did we know Jock is a soldier?

Well he’s not! He never completed his training.

Did we know that Jock had joined the British Army in 2007?

Yes we did! And quite frankly we don’t care!! The decisions Jock made before the incident in question do not interest us one bit. As far as we are concerned those decisions are completeley irrelevant to what happened on the night of the 28th December 2007. Jock unfortunately found himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and he did the right thing!!

Thats enough for us.

It is abundantly clear that the whole case has been completely manipulated by Monovs father and his high ranking friends, all of the court proceedings to date have been a complete farce, there has been absolutely no sense whatsoever of a fair trial and it is so blindingly obvious that Jock has been completely stitched up!

Jock Palfreeman is an incredibly brave and courageous man who took outstanding Antifascist action and he needs our support.

Which side are you on?

For more info about Jocks case and how you can support him please go to: http://www.abc.net.au/austory/specials/conviction/default.htm




Also you can join the facebook page Freedom For Jock.


Gypsy’s, Travellers, Bigots and Pickles…

In the film below Conservative MP and Romany Journalist Jake Bowers clash over whether there should be more and better Gypsy and Traveller sites in the South East of England.

The Race Equality Foundation says it would take one square mile of land to provide legal pitches for approx 5,000 families thought to be currently living on unauthorised sites. Now break that one square mile into small pieces among the backdrop of the UK’s 94,525 square miles. Sod all isn’t it…

90 per cent of planning applications for Gypsies and Travellers’ sites are turned down at the first hearing to avoid angering local residents. That is a fact, irrespective of the current hysteria surrounding travelling peoples…irrespective of the likes of Ann ‘Bigotcombe’…irrespective of Eric Pickles and his new planning process to make lives for travellers ‘easier’…and irrespective of the lies of his Department For Communities and Local Government who churn out statistics as ‘facts’ with ‘a Liberal dose of massaging’…

The future of Nautia – an announcement

News from Nautia

In recent months it’s become apparent that Nautia hasn’t been functioning as intended, and we’ve concluded that a decisive change of tack is in order. If things remain as they are, the house will soon be in a loss-making situation due to having too few tenants. We’ve made some efforts to to identify a suitable set of long-term tenants, but have not (so far) been able to do so. We’ve sadly decided that at this point we need start working towards selling the house in order to avoid a potentially ignominious end to the project. It would still be possible for a new group to come forward during the sales process, but time is running short, as is energy amongst Nautia’s current tenants.

We plan to put the house on the market shortly, and use the proceeds (ie. what’s left after the settlement of the mortgage) to fund similar projects. Ultimately we’d like to use the proceeds from the house to fund a local housing co-operative with similar aims to Nautia, but as this is unlikely to be formed right away the money will be placed in Rootstock, where it can be lent to similar projects in other areas.

If you’re involved in a relevant project that’s looking for funds (a housing co-op project with radical politics, or something similar), it might be worth keeping in touch with us. If you’re a group that wants to start a housing co-operative in Norwich we’d love to talk to you, either about your group taking on the existing house or about us potentially helping to fund your project.

In the meantime, the house could do with some fixing up before we put it on the market. If you think you might be up for helping, please get in touch (ideally quite soon). We’re mostly thinking along the lines of giving it a good clean and a coat of paint, but if you have awesome DIY skills we can probably think of ways to exploit you/them.

About Nautia

Nautia is a housing co-operative in the North of Norwich providing co-operative housing for people working for social change. The principle aim of the co-operative is to provide secure, tenant-managed housing for its members. Tenant management allows us to choose how to run or modify the house without interference from landlords.

Nautia is a member of Radical Routes, a national network of housing and worker co-ops.

We currently house three people and would like to find more like-minded people. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Contact details

Email: all[at]nautia.org.uk.

Web: www.nautia.org.uk

Phone: 01603 663546

Mail: 3 Eade Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 3EH

This June 30th…Strike Or Pull A Sicky…And Join The Growing European Uprising…

A Reader Gets Something Off His Chest…Don’t Write In…

Taken from Newcastle United fanzine True Faith.

“Fuck The Tories. Fuck every single one of the selfish, nasty bastards. Fuck The Lib Dems. Fuck The Coalition. Fuck David Cameron and his fucking Trust Fund. Fuck Eton Public School. Fuck George Osborne. Fuck Nick Clegg and his phoney “conscience”. Poor fucking lamb. Fuck Vince Cable, the fucking weasel. Fuck The Big Society con. Fuck Danny Alexander, the fucking mediocrity. Fuck The Square Mile. Fuck The Banks. Fuck Goldman Sachs. Fuck Ian Duncan Smith and his brain dead patter. Fuck Oxbridge cunts. Fuck no big tax on second homes. Fuck throwing poor people out of their homes. Fuck Westminster School. Fuck Thatcher and her idiot son and ugly bitch retarded daughter. Maggie? Why you keeping us waiting? We’ve got a fucking party planned bitch! Fuck Tebbit. Fuck Nigel Lawson and his unbearable fat arsed daughter that can’t stop fucking eating. Fuck Keith Josephs. Fuck the deficit and the fucking markets. Fuck the IMF. Fuck selling off the Post Office. Fuck flogging our family silver off to their fucking rich mates. Fuck the House of Lords. And the Commons too. Fuck The IRA. Fuck The UDA. Fuck The Taleban. Fuck Al Queda. Fuck Religion. Fuck Channel 5. Fuck Ian Wright. Fuck The Gate and every horrible fucking bar in it. Fuck The Daily Mail and every evil hate filled cunt that reads and writes for it. Fuck The CBI. Fuck The Institute of Directors. Fuck the TUC. Fuck Murdoch and his shit telly. Fuck the cuts. Fuck The FTSE. Fuck the war in Iraq. Fuck the Bank of England. Fuck the idiot George Bush. Fuck the US Republican Party. Fuck Cocaine. Fuck Stone Island. Fuck the memory of Ronald Reagan, the fucking half-wit. Fuck Tory Tony Blair for sucking US cock. Fuck empty-eyed pointless consumerism. Fuck New Labour and its lack of ambition. Fuck X Factor and other infantile entertainment. Fuck the Royal Assent. Fuck the civil list. Fuck Jimmy Tarbuck. Fuck Jim Davison. Fuck the cunts in ermine. Fuck the ridiculous brain dead logic of opposing a NE Assembly. Fuck the Olympics – two fucking weeks of archery and other shit sports no-one is interested in for £8bn for fuck’s sake. Fuck Public Schools as registered charities so they pay less tax. Fuck The South. Fuck Sports Direct. Fuck taking EMA off the bairns. Fuck the extra shit with University tuition fees. Fuck the shite about public sector pensions. Fuck Phillip Green reviewing how Government spends tax-payers money from his tax haven. Fuck Lord Ashcroft and his Non-Dom status. Fuck Dame Shirley Porter. Fuck The Sun. Fuck Geoffrey Archer the lying cunt. Fuck the racist cunts at the Daily Express. Fuck Neil and Christine Hamilton. Fuck Duck Island. Fuck the Countryside Alliance. Fuck The BNP. Fuck The English Defence League. Fuck Talksport. Fuck The Telegraph. Fuck Phil Collins. Fuck Coldplay. Fuck Wembley Stadium. Fuck Sunderland.

Angry Brigade, Wallsend

Don’t Work! June 30th!

Click on image, download and spread far and wide…

A General Strike?! On June 30th?! Your day is going to be massively disrupted anyway, so you may as well get your luvvly arses out there and show support!!

So the unions are calling for an all out strike on the 30th June, which could involve up to 800,000 workers. Of course the turnout won’t be that high because so many folks are either still apathetic or still live in hope that if they tow the line then their jobs will remain secure, but add to those who do have some fight in them all of us non-union-but-angry-at-the-cuts/fuck-the-establishment types and the turnout will no doubt be immense. The government certainly seem to think that to be the case, as today Vince Cable warns of tighter legislation on industrial action should the strikes go ahead on the 30th. No real surprises that Cable has morphed into a Tory twat. One has one’s career to consider now one’s own ship has sunked. . .what what?!

Unlike March 26th, this time the actions are national so there’s bound to be something going on near you, and if there isn’t, get one going!! Or you could just sit at home moaning because your day has been disrupted.

I find it hard to believe that anyone reading this hasn’t been affected by the cuts already, never mind what’s to come. I certainly have, both directly and indirectly. If you haven’t, or aren’t close to someone who’s feeling the pinch or lost support and/or some local service or another, then I’d really like to know how you’ve managed it, so please comment!

I’m assuming that most of you who haven’t yet got involved in protesting against these ridiculous cuts  now realise that the media is generally full of shit and it’s not obligatory to smash stuff up or get arrested, and you’ve also seen how peaceful protest has already worked in saving some libraries, some forests, etc??

There’s something going on somewhere most days now, though sadly the media tend to ignore the majority of these protests unless they’re really creative, or someone gets arrested or breaks stuff, hence why that sort of direct action has its place, though stopping traffic helps too! Hats orf to these pensioners and disabled folks who did just that in London the other day!!

I was at the Topshop Occupation with UK Uncut in Cardiff on 28th May, and it was just brilliant. . .and peaceful. No-one got hurt, though one of the in-house security did attempt to get a bit rough. He was rather quickly bollocked by the Public Order orificer present, whose lovely mug appears here along with some other interesting info. The aforementioned security guard was worryingly more concerned about us shouting how Philip Green (head of the group that own Topshop) should pay his £300m tax avoidance bill than he was about a band of shop lifters on the first floor. Can’t get the staff, eh?!

The tills had to close for nearly an hour, which was ruddy marvellous, and you can read more about the occupationhere, which also mentions me overhearing the woman copper in charge saying to one of her colleagues ‘we can’t do anything because of those bloody legal observers!’ She also commented on the TV cameras turning up and that’s why she’d come outside. When she clocked me earwigging she snapped ‘Alright??!’ and blushed up. All I could do was smile at her, though on a serious note this does highlight the need for legal observers at such events.

That day’s events in Cardiff started with a brilliant idea called ‘Busk Against the Cuts’. Despite the weather, the turnout was brilliant, as were the acts. I’m guessing there’ll be more of these popping up, and as I know so many musicians/poets/comedians, it’d be really ace to see them appearing all over the country, me darlins! It’s a very simple yet affective idea for gathering crowds and raising awareness, so do it!!!

There’s a page on facebook that is slowly adding links to events, strikes, occupations and other actions for the 30th June as they come in here and no doubt UK Uncut will be working their usual magic.

Even the shouty ode Class War geezer Ian Bone has come out behind the unions on this one, even if it’s through gritted teeth, so it must be alright to make some noise, right??!!!

So I’ll see you all out on the streets on Thursday 30th June. . .but please refrain from calling me facking comrade!!

Strike! Occupy! Resist!