"I have long argued that the giving of offence, and even hate speech, should be a moral matter but not a matter for the criminal law. That is as true on the football pitch as on the streets. We should always challenge racism. We should also always challenge attacks on liberties in the guise of faux antiracism." Kenan Malik

Occupy Hester


The article below appeared on squaremile.com

“Anarchist’s Call to Occupy Hester’s Garden”

It seems that Stephen Hester’s bowing to public and political pressure to refuse his bonus was not enough to satisfy those who believe that anything less than burning bankers on a pyre is too good for them.

Hester’s country home of Broughton Grange, Oxfordshire is due to be opened up to the public to raise money for charity, and in his blog, the founder of the newspaper ‘Class War’, Ian Bone, calls on his followers to “BRING THE CLASS WAR TO THE RICH APRIL 29th.”

With so much enthusiasm he can barely control the caps lock button, Bone writes: “Stephen Hester’s 350 acre country mansion is BROUGHTON GRANGE at Broughton near Banbury in Oxfordshire. The next OPEN DAY there is on APRIL 29th – when for a mere £6 you can marvel at Stephen’s good luck and shake hands with one of his eight gardners [sic]…….no doubt the scullery maid will also be present. Soooooo……CLASS WAR are urging as many people as possible to come on the open day and chuck a few more quid into Hester’s maw. Fun and games assured. BE THERE – BEST FUN SINCE HENLEY. Our French comrades will be visiting his ski lodge at Verbier on the same day.”

Of course, it’s perfectly reasonable to keep badgering a man who played no part in RBS’ downfall and has refused two bonus packages in his time as CEO as he raises money for charity. So occupy his garden.

But why stop there? How about breaking into his house and cutting the crotch out of all of his trousers, like some bunny-boiling ex-girlfriend? Perhaps an equally constructive gesture such as setting fire to his sofa cushions?

After all, he deserves it, doesn’t he?


We fancy a day out….


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