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Coverage Of Pope’s Visit Threatened By BECTU Members

Divine Protection?

East Anglia’s population of approximately 100,000 catholic’s could be seeing red this September after threat’s by BECTU union members to pull the plug on coverage of Pope Benedict XVl’s visit over a dispute with Director General Mark Thompson.

Members were furious last week when it emerged that the fat cat BBC director and his executive directors are pocketing cash from a “secret pension pot” while asking staff to accept cuts in their own retirement packages.

A multi-million-pound “pension slush fund” apparently allows Thompson and eight executive board members the cash but the rest of the workers are excluded.

Gerry Morrissey, general secretary of the union Bectu said:

“Following the revelations in the Sunday Express about the hypocrisy of the board of governors, feeling among staff has become more entrenched.

If the vote is for a strike then we will focus action on key broadcasts. The Last Night Of The Proms is on September 11, two days after the vote, and the Pope’s visit is also a clear target for us.

The BBC cannot ride roughshod over the staff and expect their amazing good will to last for ever.

It is our hope that the BBC back down on the pension cap, but feelings are running very high.”

A spokesman for the Catholic Church said: “This is a very significant visit and it is very important that the Pope is seen and heard by the people.”

We couldn’t agree more, especially if threats by concerned members of the public to attempt citizens-arrests on ‘his holiness’ come to fruition for his part in covering up the depraved acts of paedophile priests.

Heavens above, it would be a damnable shame to miss the action…

Pope on a rope anyone?

His Holiness In Happier Times...

March from Hyde Park to parliament 1pm Saturday Sept. 18th while Ratso is giving mass to 300,000 nutters in Hyde Park.