"I have long argued that the giving of offence, and even hate speech, should be a moral matter but not a matter for the criminal law. That is as true on the football pitch as on the streets. We should always challenge racism. We should also always challenge attacks on liberties in the guise of faux antiracism." Kenan Malik

Protest and The State

Don’t Be Intimidated! See You On The Streets!

From Fitwatch


On the eve of the mass education/sparks/cabbies proteston 9th November, it is clear the state are trying to intimidate us.

From the news today that the police have written to protesters arrested at previous demonstrations warning them off protesting (see picture), to the “total policing” of the last couple of weeks witnessed at the squatting demoand deaths in custody march (amongst others), the message is clear; attempt to protest and the state will clamp down, act violently, and make arbitrary arrests. And, if you’re unlucky enough to get caught, the courts are making sure long deterrent sentences are passed, regardless of how insignificant the individual action, in attempt to scare us away from future protest.

However, whilst even seasoned activists have admitted to being a little scared at the current state of policing, it’s not all doom and gloom, and we mustn’t be tricked into feeling intimidated. It’s nearly the anniversary of the Met’s attempt to silence Fitwatch for giving common sense advice to the Millbank protesters. This is still recommended reading, as is this Fitwatch call to action.

Above all, we should be applying the lessons we have learnt on the streets over the last year. When we don’t just ‘walk on by’, and act in solidarity with each other, we are stronger; when we act as fast mobile blocs, we are more effective and harder to contain; when we sit down or put our hands in the air, we are fodder for baton strikes and kettling; when we refuse to play the divide and rule game and condemn fellow protesters, we are more threatening.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, when we mask up, and make no comment to police questioning, we are harder to convict and lock up.

See you on the streets!


The Rise of Street Extremism

Thanks to the Sons Of Malcolm Blog.

It is imperative that ALL activists, no matter their struggle, watch and pay attention to all said by these people on the video below.

An Irish former-revolutionary now sell-out / former police chiefs who dealt with Miners Strike, Poll Tax and Brixton etc all discuss how to beat us, politically and literally. So so much interesting stuff in here, needs close study and lessons learnt on the basis of.

For those radical and revolutionary activists, this is THE MOST important video I have ever put up. Study closely what they are saying and analyse from a revolutionary perspective the lessons to be learnt for us. Just too much incredible info in this.

Thanks to Brother Adam X for this summary of the talk:
– ‘for kettling to work, police need to be able to beat with impunity’
– ‘bring apsects of anti-terror legislation to public order legislation’ (phone taps? control orders on protest dates?)
– ‘kettles + snatch squads’
– ‘the bnp aren’t really a problem’ (and edl apparently not even worth mentioning in the response to the question)
‘the protest at prlment sq reminds of terrorism’
they deny and cast doubt and avoid responsibility for every *POLICE INJUSTICE* from the death of the newspaper seller at G20, to the policeman who got caught on camera at G20, to Jody McIntyre getting dragged off a wheelchair across the street.
i think the fact that they’re massively over-hyping UKuncut means we can suppose that they are equally over-comitted to keeping the consumer economy going…
and i’m not surprised that the CST guy was quite pleased with the way over 90 Muslim youths were given much harsher sentences & ‘made an example of’
More comments from another few friends:
i agree this is an important video. not so much because it represents any theoretical breakthroughs in the way of repression, but more because it provides ample quotes from established counter-insurgency figures about what they’re afraid of (the “feral underclass” as one puts it) and how they hope to neutralize it (applying the “vital tactic of kettling” to political debate as effectively as to street protest).
A good educational tool for our side to use – thanks comrade for drawing our attention to it!
Another friend:
Immediate thoughts that haven’t been mentioned.
Ideological war, politically and via the media (one guy said “the media story”) – it’s obviously gonna step up, our side needs to step waaaaay up
All the powers police need are there for them, we don’t need to worry about new laws being passed, they are just not using them because of events like the Smellie arrest “terrified” them.
They are shook about a critical mass developing – but don’t see that happen in the student protests
They are worried about they Euro collapse, austerity measures kicking in and the effect of the f***eries they have caused in Pakistan calling the chickens home to roost.
Small protests are counterproductive for the protesters, feds don’t care cos “no one will take notice”)
Kettling will be kept “at all costs” – it is cost effective
I didn’t know how seriously to take their concerns about the European Human Rights laws because I can’t really see how they have benefited protesters except that protesters can use them in the ideological war in the sense that they can shout about the police being in breach of the convention.