"I have long argued that the giving of offence, and even hate speech, should be a moral matter but not a matter for the criminal law. That is as true on the football pitch as on the streets. We should always challenge racism. We should also always challenge attacks on liberties in the guise of faux antiracism." Kenan Malik


Most people would think in a democratic western country that housing would be an absolute right for all.

Unfortunately since the Conservative Party decided to sell off council housing and Labour has continued the practice, easy access to social housing has all but disappeared. There are many myths as to where all the housing goes but the fact is that successive governments have not built any new housing for at least a generation.

What is worse, the allocated pot of money the state sets aside each year for housing is generally looted to fund less deserving government backed schemes.

Families once upon a time made up communities. Today there is no right for us to continue living in the same house our parents lived in or to get allocated housing even in the same area.

Each political party seems to regularly talk about the essence and importance of families staying together while at the same time tearing them apart due to the lunacy of housing policy and the privatisation of social housing.

We aim to escalate the fight for new social housing in all areas of Norfolk and mobilise against the gentrification of our inner towns and cities, which makes it impossible to afford to live in the areas we grew up in.

If it means forcing entry to the mass of empty houses so as to give desperate people a roof over their heads then so be it. Once in we aim to build community co-operation and solidarity so as to keep the bailiffs out!


The section below comes from Independent Working Class Association policy which we believe is the fairest way of approaching the issue.

As a rule political refugees are housed in the most under-funded areas which are duly expected to share out already meagre resources with the new arrivals. Across the country, the government is shown to have repeatedly short-changed councils to whom refugees areallocated.

The interests, concerns and sensitivities of local communities are also routinely dismissed. Unsurprisingly this can be a source of suspicion, tension and resentment.

We believe in fighting for:

The allocation of political refugees to areas that can most easily accommodate them.

Consultation with local communities regarding new arrivals.

Appropriate financial compensation from government to local authorities.

Additional government grants to facilitate integration.

Extra housing provision to take account of any extra demands on housing stock.

The safeguarding of tenants’ positions on existing housing lists.

The right to work or study for political refugees while their claims for citizenship are being processed.