"I have long argued that the giving of offence, and even hate speech, should be a moral matter but not a matter for the criminal law. That is as true on the football pitch as on the streets. We should always challenge racism. We should also always challenge attacks on liberties in the guise of faux antiracism." Kenan Malik


Below are a series of media features that may interest and inspire….


Ken Keating (RIP) on the Socialist Workers Party

The late Ken Keating discussing the SWP.

The Battle For Stokes Croft.

Bristol city centre is already home to 17 branches of Tesco – including 14 within a two-mile radius of the protest site in Stokes Croft, and five under a mile away. On the 16th March 2010 bailliffs and police put campaigners lives at risk when evicting premises that Tesco want to add yet another branch within.

The community however are fighting back.

From Macpherson to the BNP: Race today

Everyone got their rocks off about the BNP on the BBC’s Question Time, meanwhile politicians have been competing to say they will limit immigration to the UK in order to stop the BNP. If everyone wants to clamp down on immigration what has happened to anti-racism you may well ask. The highlights of this debate, filmed at the Battle of Ideas by WORLDbytes volunteers, provides some important answers. The compelling speakers featured in the programme are: Karen Chouhan race equality consultant; founder and director, Equanomics-UK; Kenan Malik presenter of Analysis, BBC Radio 4; author, From Fatwa to Jihad, Strange Fruit and The Meaning of Race and Jack Tan president, Students’ Union, Royal College of Art.

WORLDbytes :: December 2009 Programmes: From Macpherson to the BNP: Race today.

What Scotlands Living Wage Campaign means for Dalmarnock

This film was made for the Launch of Scotland Living Wage Campaign. It tells the story of the community of Dalmarnock in Glasgow and its experience of low pay. It looks to the prospect of the Commonwealth Games to be held in 2014 and the legacy the people of Dalmarnock wish to see.

Realising the Right to Housing: Seven Towers (Part 1)

On 13th June 2007, residents of the Seven Towers in Belfast held an Evidence Hearing on the Right to Housing with a panel of international housing rights experts. They presented their human rights benchmarks and indicators about the housing rights violations they had researched and experienced. The testimonies were supplemented by evidence from other housing and human rights organisations, academics, and lawyers. The preliminary findings of the international panel were released in early July 2007, with more comprehensive findings released later that summer.

Residents Speak: Second Evidence Hearing on the Right to Housing

On 23rd January 2009, residents from the Seven Towers presented evidence they collected over the past year about the human rights indicators they had set. While residents have seen progress on some of their indicators, they have found others less easily changed. The hearing will offer the chance for the group to consider how best to continue their campaign and to focus on issues to ensure real change for residents on the ground.

Behind Closed Doors

A youth powered Film exploring youth homelessness. Made as part of the behind no doors campaign. http://www.behindnodoors.blogspot.com

Haringey Community Action

In interviews with activists from some of the London Borough of Haringey’s 150 resident associations – and footage of events, activities and campaigns they’ve organised – the documentary creates a picture of how ordinary people in a typical London borough are organising and empowering themselves in order to improve their lives and environment.

Guerilla Gardner

One London gardener on a mission to make our green spaces brighter.

The London Paper Library

A group of cheeky bookworms install a free library on a London tube train

Jobcentre Picket

Campaigning against welfare reforms outside Hackney Jobcentre Plus

LCAP Housing March

Hackney residents demonstrated against poor living conditions in temporary accomodation with the London Coalition Against Poverty on 7th February 2009.


Residents from temporary housing in Hackney deliver a statement to official at Hackney Town Hall demanding more adequate housing and temporary housing decision that doesn’t last longer than the 6 months promised by hackney housing department.

Hackney Isn’t Crap Walk Pt 1

Video of the walking tour of gentrification in Hackney, September 2008.

Activism on Social Housing UK

In Bristol enraged creatives took a building in the centre of town turned it into an exibition and music space and did a carnival parade to contest the impending grip of corporate interests on our city – the luxury flats, displacement of social housing, eviction of squats, closure of clubs and shopping centre expansion to name but a few elements.


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